Mini Gun Catalog Models of rifles Serbu BFG-50 scale 1:3

Serbu BFG-50 on a scale of 1:3

Serbu BFG-50 made PocketARS.

This rifle was widely used by the US army during the World War II and subsequent wars.

The model has a spring trigger, a moving bolt and folding bipods. The barrel is aged and has visible attritions - traces of use through the centuries. This is the beautiful model in excellent condition. It is made by the RUSminiGUN studio. The model is made in a single copy and where is nowhere else in the world you can find it. Our studio is the only one that makes such a model. You can become the sole owner of such a rare model, the only one in the world!

  • Length - 32 cm
  • Material - steel / wood
  • Manufacture - Russia
  • Scale - 1:3

Model Serbu BFG-50 made PocketARS

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