Mini Gun Catalog Models of rifles Tompson M1A1 scale 1:4

Model Thompson M1A1 on a scale of 1: 4

During the Second World War, the Thompson submachine gun was used not only the Americans and their allies. Some of the guns were supplied to the USSR under the Lend-Lease program, as additional to a variety of military equipment. Despite all its advantages, it did not become very popular, because it is overly heavy, especially when loaded, which is why this gun was not distributed among allies to the extent, to which it was originally intended.

Moving bolt

Moving bolt and a trigger

Moving bolt

Incredible detail


It comes with a clip and a model bullet

It comes in a gift box

Shelf stand in a set

  • Length - 23 cm
  • Weight - 220 g
  • Material - alloy, plastic
  • Scale - 1:4

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CS Models Tompson M1A1 scale 1:4

Counter-Strike 1.6 model Tompson M1A1 scale 1:4

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How do set the model weapons in Counter-Strike 1.6?

In order to establish models of weapons in the game should put the 1-3 file in the game folder, which is located at the given address PATH\cstrike\ models - Windows asks whether to replace the old files with the new - you have to answer yes, otherwise (if he does not ask), you are doing something wrong (Non-standard model names, wrong folder). In any case, there should be a model v _ ???. Mdl, eg v_m4a1.mdl - the other two are not so important.