Colt M1911

Model Colt M1911 pistol on a scale of 1: 2

A scale model of Colt M1911A1 popular weapon for self-defense and target shooting, but a small magazine capacity and a lack of self-cocking caused the removal from service in 1985.

Real mechanics

The movable shutter frame and the working mechanics

movable shutter frame

Amazing detalisation


It comes with a clip and cartridge

It comes in a plastic case

It comes in a plastic gun case

  • Scale - 1:2
  • Material - aloy
  • Weight - 150g

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CS Models Colt M1911

Counter-Strike 1.6 model Colt M1911

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How do set the model weapons in Counter-Strike 1.6?

In order to establish models of weapons in the game should put the 1-3 file in the game folder, which is located at the given address PATH\cstrike\ models - Windows asks whether to replace the old files with the new - you have to answer yes, otherwise (if he does not ask), you are doing something wrong (Non-standard model names, wrong folder). In any case, there should be a model v _ ???. Mdl, eg v_m4a1.mdl - the other two are not so important.